Earning the highest distinction a high school musician or vocalist can receive, a total of 51 Round Rock ISD student musicians and vocalists have been placed in the All-State band, orchestra and choir.

These musicians and vocalists are selected through a process that begins with more than 64,000 students around the state vying for the honor to perform in one of the 15 band, orchestra or choir ensembles, according to the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA).

All-State participants will come together to perform during the TMEA Convention in February.

The students and their respective positions in the All-State groups are listed below:

All-State Band

  • Stephanie Kim, Flute, Cedar Ridge,
  • Michelle Yi, Flute, Cedar Ridge,
  • Kaylee Pascarella, Flute, Round Rock,
  • Charlie Bass, Oboe, Round Rock,
  • Sriraman Iyengar, Clarinet, Round Rock,
  • Nicolette Warren, Contrabassoon, Round Rock,
  • Simran Shah, French Horn, Round Rock,
  • Alex Deller, Bass Trombone, Round Rock,
  • Zachary Bixler, Tuba, Round Rock,
  • Christian Garcia, Tuba, Round Rock,
  • Kenna Heroy, Clarinet, McNeil,
  • Daniel Levi, Contrabass Clarinet, McNeil,
  • Cameron Schnurer, Bassoon, McNeil,
  • Amy Tseng, Clarinet, Stony Point,
  • James Yan, Bb Clarinet, Westwood,
  • Nathaniel Thomas, Bb Clarinet, Westwood,
  • Chase Scelsi, Alto Saxophone, Westwood,
  • Alex Chao, Percussion, Westwood and
  • Adam Perry, Percussion, Westwood.

All-State Orchestra

  • Christopher Tan, Violin, Round Rock,
  • Jocelyn Kim, Violin, Round Rock,
  • Rachel Lee, Violin, Round Rock,
  • Laura Lee, Violin, McNeil,
  • Eunbin Cho, Violin, McNeil,
  • Yoori Yoon, Violin, McNeil,
  • Eunsuh Cho, Violin, McNeil,
  • Lillian Young, Bass, Westwood,
  • Anna Wicker, Violin, Westwood,
  • Emily Liau, Viola, Westwood,
  • GaEun Kim, Violin, Westwood,
  • Margaret Seo, Violin, Westwood,
  • Minshin Kim, Violin, Westwood,
  • Anant Malpani, Violin, Westwood,
  • Edward Seo, Violin, Westwood,
  • Elliot Kim, Violin, Westwood,
  • Albert Chen, Violin, Westwood,
  • Naveen Rajan, Violin, Westwood,
  • Alex Lee, Cello, Westwood,
  • Brian Lee, Cello (String Orchestra), Westwood,
  • David Xu, Cello (String Orchestra), Westwood,
  • Polaron Posadas, Violin (String Orchestra), Westwood and,
  • David Kim, Viola (Symphony Orchestra), Westwood.

All-State Choir

  • Jack White, Cedar Ridge,
  • Michaela Watson, Cedar Ridge,
  • Katie Hollister,  Round Rock,
  • Varsha Nathan, McNeil,
  • Catherine Hipolito,  Stony Point,
  • Kyra Kornfeld, Westwood,
  • Nisha Desai, Westwood,
  • Martha Beaty, Westwood and
  • Osric Nagle, Westwood.