In recognition of her efforts to advance Fine Arts in Round Rock ISD and leadership, Lisa Roebuck, Director of Fine Arts, was named the 2019 Outstanding Music Administrator by the Texas Music Administrators Conference.

Roebuck was nominated by her peers and colleagues for the award, which recognizes outstanding administrators in K-12 music education, and will be honored at the upcoming Texas Music Education Association (TMEA) Convention in February 2020.

“As a fine arts faculty and fine arts leadership team we are excited that Lisa is being honored for her excellent work with students and teachers in Round Rock ISD and throughout the State of Texas,” said Tim Lowke, Assistant Director of Visual and Performing Arts. “Lisa has spent her career nurturing, supporting, teaching students and teachers across all the fine arts. Our program in Round Rock ISD continues to be recognized due to her emphasis on quality teaching and working to grow us through multiple lenses, like arts integration, technology, and equity in the arts.”

Roebuck has served as a music educator for over 30 years, which includes previously teaching music at the elementary and secondary levels. Throughout her career, some of her points of pride include establishing and opening Round Rock ISD’s Arts Integration Academies, which exposes students to a wide variety of arts strategies integrated into all subjects, and implementing technology in fine arts classrooms districtwide.

According to the organization, The Texas Music Administrators Conference (TMAC) is an organization of music and fine arts administrators with a common goal—the continued pursuit of excellence in music education in Texas for all students. TMAC serves 1,246 school districts, 3,000 schools and 5 million students.