Investing in the District’s classroom substitutes, Round Rock ISD recently announced that the daily rate for all classroom substitutes has increased to $95 per day for actively certified substitutes and $90 for non-certified substitutes.

The increase from the previous rate of $85 per day for all substitutes went into effect Oct. 1, 2018. Along with full day rates, the half day rates have also been adjusted. Certified substitutes will now receive $47.50 per half day, and non-certified substitutes will now receive $45 per half day.

“We are thankful for our substitutes, their dedication and for actively supporting our campuses and students,” Annette Vierra, executive director of human resources said. “We are excited to offer increased compensation and to further invest in our substitute educators.”

Classroom substitutes will also continue to earn an extra $10 per day for long-term substitute assignments.

Current substitutes who took classroom assignments on or after Oct. 1, 2018, can expect to see the increase reflected in the Nov. 21, 2018, paycheck. To ensure that all substitutes will be provided the appropriate increase, the Substitute Office recently completed an audit of all classroom substitutes and are in the process of updating recordings accordingly.

For further information on the increase see the Round Rock ISD Substitute website and the Frequently Asked Questions document.