Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees approved a permanent non-ranking program for Westwood High School during their regular meeting in June.

Through the non-ranking program, student’s class rank is not automatically placed on their transcript unless they are within the top 10 percent of their class, as required by state law. For students not within the top 10 percent of their class and who wish to provide colleges or universities with an indication of rank, students will be able to request a “percentile certificate” which will be sent by the campus.

The District is also exploring the possibility of a program for ranking schools which would allow students the option to withhold their rank and quartile from their academic transcript. If approved, this option would be available for students during the 2019 – 2020 school year.

The approval of a permanent program at Westwood is the result of testing and reviewing a year-long pilot program, which was approved by Trustees last September. Data were assessed to determine the pilot program’s impact on college admission, scholarships awarded and student experience.