Amber Sorenson, a sixth-grade student, at Hopewell Middle School student recently won the Southwest Regional Miss Majorette Advanced title for 10 to 12-year olds. This qualifies Amber to compete in the National Miss Majorette competition this summer at Notre Dame University.

Amber has been twirling since she was four and practices a minimum of twelve hours per week.
She says that twirling is much more difficult than it looks.

“The tricks take a lot of eye-hand coordination,” Amber said. “Twirling requires a large amount of flexibility and the ability to jump high. It takes hours of practice to make it look easy.”

Amber said that being a competitive twirler has taught her to manage her time. She know that she must maintain an A/B average in order to compete which keeps her motivated to plan ahead and keep her grades up.

Hopewell Assistant Principal, Keri McCarty, said that she admires Amber’s ability to maintain balance between her school work and twirling.

“Hopewell students participates in a variety of extracurricular activities,” McCarty said. “Amber is a great example of a student who has mastered the art of performance and shows strength of character and commitment to her sport.”