Members of the Citizens Bond Committee (CBC) gathered at C.D. Fulkes Middle School April 4 to continue discussions centered around potential timelines for a future bond election.

This is the third meeting the CBC has held with plans to continue discussion during a fourth meeting on April 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Round Rock High School Cafeteria.

The focus of the third meeting was to continue to examine the needs of the District, current projects and potential next steps. The meeting began with comments from CBC chairperson Kris Parker, followed by Dr. Daniel Presley, the District’s Senior Chief of Schools and Innovation, who shared dates for campus tours and instructions on how to sign up. The District’s Chief Financial Officer Randy Staats also shared information with the entire group regarding election costs, voter turnout, past election results, construction environment and technology refresh.

Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations Jenny LaCoste-Caputo also walked the group through the CBC website, which provides direct links to all presentation and documents that the CBC will review during their committee process.

After breaking into their groups, the Districtwide subcommittee reviewed information on the District’s Pre-K programming and Early College High School, which provides students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and college credits at the same time at no cost.

Both the Capital Renewal and Replacement and the Growth subcommittee reviewed possible timelines for a bond and its benefits and drawbacks and held discussions on topics related to their subcommittees charge.

CBC subcommittees will meet at least one more time before to develop a recommendation to present to Board of Trustees by the end of April. The Board has asked the CBC to recommend whether a Bond is necessary and, if so, if the Board should target November 2018 or May 2019. If the decision is made to pursue a Bond election, the CBC will continue to meet to determine needs and priorities.

More information on the CBC’s role and materials presented during CBC meetings can be found on the CBC website. Minutes and agendas for each meeting can also be reviewed on the CBC Google folder.