The process for determining whether Round Rock ISD’s Board of Trustees should call for a Bond election and, if so, when began Tuesday night with a presentation of the role of the Citizens Bond Committee (CBC), a review of the District’s Strategic Plan, learning framework and financial overview.

The CBC held its first in a series of meetings aimed at assessing District needs for a potential future bond election. More than 150 parents and community members and District staff gathered at Round Rock High School to represent three subcommittees: Growth, Districtwide and Capital Renewal and Replacement.

To begin the initial meeting, an overview of the goals, mission, and subcommittee processes were given to provide each member with a clear scope of their participation. Subcommittees later separated into their designated groups to review general information, District updates and data related to the charge of their respective subcommittee.

CBC subcommittees will meet at least two more times before to develop a recommendation to present to Board of Trustees by the end of April. The Board has asked the CBC to recommend whether a Bond is necessary and, if so, if the Board should target November 2018 or May 2019. If the decision is made to pursue a Bond election, the CBC will continue to meet to determine needs and priorities.

More information on the CBC’s role and materials presented during CBC meetings can be found on the CBC website. Minutes and agendas for each meeting can also be reviewed on the CBC Google folder.