Update: the following McNeil Students have been placed on the respective All State Academic team for Golf. 2nd Team All-State: Samantha Barufaldi, Claire Bean, Sam Hosek, Margaret Jacks, Sharon Monagas, Nicholas Pena and Allison Yonker. Honorable Mention All-State: Ally Dorf

The Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) has recognized 47 seniors from five high schools across Round Rock ISD as Academic All-State Athletes.

Each year, high school senior athletes are nominated by their head coach to be recognized with this honor. Their Grade Point Average (GPA), class rank, and SAT score determine if a student is placed on an Academic All-State team. To be considered for placement, students must have an overall GPA of 92 or above.

The students and their respective Academic All-State Teams are listed below:

Cedar Ridge High School

  • Nicole Stabler, Cross Country,
  • Nate Engstrom, Cross Country,
  • Lily Cook, Cross Country,
  • Natalee Green, Cross Country,
  • Victor Winston, Football,
  • Ezekiel Coss, Football,
  • Nathan Hamilton, Football,
  • Caitlyn Sze, Football,
  • Kylie Brown, Volleyball,
  • Merritt Moreau, Volleyball and,
  • Stephanie Dumitru, Volleyball.

McNeil High School

  • William Kohman, Football,
  • Sarah Delahunt, Cross Country,
  • Maddie Marrone, Cross Country,
  • Abby Etheridge, Cross Country,
  • Matt Hailes, Cross Country,
  • Kurt Lyell, Cross Country,
  • Michael Caldwell, Cross Country,
  • Ashlea Cooper, Volleyball,
  • Megan McCann, Volleyball and,
  • Kendall Stewart, Volleyball.

Round Rock High School

  • Garrett Helburn, Football,
  • Tyler Gaston, Football,
  • Amanda Fortune, Volleyball,
  • Anna Schwartz, Volleyball,
  • Courtney Swearingen, Volleyball,
  • Ryan Grieshop, Basketball,
  • Trey Knebel, Basketball,
  • John Min, Basketball,
  • Jack Rickert, Basketball,
  • Jeremy Williams, Basketball,
  • Jacob Kuempel, Basketball,
  • Adriana Banchs, Cross Country,
  • Cat Borel, Cross Country,
  • Kayla Dunch, Cross Country,
  • Lauren Lee, Cross Country, and
  • Cassie Thomas, Cross Country.

Stony Point High School

  • Jakob Hall, Football,
  • Griffin Trees, Football,
  • Robert Deaver, Football,
  • Jack Landry, Football,
  • Mason Brown, Football, and
  • Jasmine Creek, Volleyball.

Westwood High School

  • Akhil Akshintala, Football
  • Reese Green, Football,
  • Roshan Mara, Football,
  • Arturo Lopez, Football,
  • Steven Rios, Football,
  • Tristan Smith, Football,
  • Latham Robinson, Basketball
  • Avery Turner, Tennis,
  • Leonard Wang, Tennis,
  • Lauren Gregorczyk, Volleyball, and
  • Cassie Jackson, Volleyball.