A Stanford University study found that Round Rock ISD posts some of the highest rates of student academic growth in the country. The study, which was the topic of a recent New York Times article, examined test scores of approximately 300 million elementary students across more than 11,000 school districts in the United States.

Among the 200 largest districts, Round Rock ISD students scores demonstrated five and a half years of growth over a five-year period. Only 14 districts in the country performed better.

“Certainly, it is gratifying to see data and research from such a prestigious university validate the hard work and targeted strategies employed on our campuses every day,” Superintendent Steve Flores, Ph.D. said. “But more importantly, I could not be more proud of our teachers, our campus and curriculum leaders, and the guidance, analysis and resources from district administrators, that clearly is resulting in world-class educational opportunities for our students.”

The study tracked scores of cohorts of students as they moved from grade to grade in an effort to truly map the effectiveness of a school, rather than focusing on a snapshot in time.

“In Round Rock ISD we are proud of the overall high performance of our students, but we also want to focus on individual progress and use strategies that help students at every level grow, improve and reach their full potential,” said Cathy Malerba, Ph.D., the District’s executive director of assessment and evaluation. “Whether a student is struggling or at mastery level, we want to provide opportunity for growth and progress.”