The Stony Point High School boys varsity bowling team bowled a perfect 300 Baker Format game at their February 10 meet. The five person Baker Format team consists of Arthur Joy, Jakob Scolari, Ke’Shawn Daniel, Lochlaen Neurohr and Ayrton Hignojos.

In a Baker Format game, five teammates bowl toward one score rather than a typical league format in which teammates each bowl 10 frames and the team score is the sum of each individual score. The entire team combines to bowl 10 frames in a Baker match.

The boys varsity team, coached by former Stony Point staff member Salvador Hignojos, and Assistant Coaches Geoff McBride and Dwight Joy are currently ranked #1 in the District.

“This is such a major achievement for our team,” Head Coach Tanja Wren said. “A perfect 300 game is difficult enough in our sport, but a 300 Baker game is almost unheard of as it requires five bowlers to be ‘perfect’ at the same time. I am so proud of this group of young men. They work hard and have come together as a tight knit team. They support one another and fight hard each week to get better.”

Wren said their anchor bowler, the one who throws the last three strikes in the tenth frame, is physically challenged as only has one arm.

“I was shocked and happy that we were able to bowl a 300 game. We really came together as a team to win,” said Stony Point ninth-grade student Arton Hignojos. “I do not look at not having an arm as a disability. I just take the ‘dis’ off and look at my abilities. I want all students to keep trying when they want something and not give up because of an obstacle.”

Both boys and girls varsity teams are undefeated this year and in first place in the District. Both teams will be representing the District in the Regional competition on March 5 which will be held at Mel’s Lonestar Lanes in Georgetown.