Stony Point High School Journalism Teacher Rebecca Plumley strives to empower her students daily. Whether it’s by raising student voices in the nationally award-winning publications program or simply lending an ear of support, Plumley’s passion for education is unmistakable.

Plumley has been selected as the 2017 Teacher of Year for Stony Point. Plumley has been an educator for 18 years, six of which have been at Stony Point.

As a publications leader, Plumley has guided her students to win several national awards, including the National Scholastic Press Association Pacemaker and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown. Plumley also serves as the Stony Point University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic Competition Coordinator and a Site Based Leadership Team member.

The close-knit environment of Plumley’s classes allow students to feel comfortable taking risks and exploring their creativity.

“With lives full of laughter, hearts strongly committed to ideas still wild and fanciful, my students remind me to fuel my life with love, adventure and a quest for knowledge,” Plumley said. “It is through my students that I have the opportunity to believe in something bigger than myself and make a positive mark on a life that will last long after me.”

Plumley continuously gives her best to the students and staff at Stony Point, often going above and beyond in her efforts to teach and support the school community, Stony Point Principal Anthony Watson said.

“Rebecca Plumley always gives her best and has such a passion for what she does, which is evident in all that she does,” Watson said. “On top of all of her duties, she is an excellent teacher, teaching from bell to bell, holding high expectations of her students and building strong, lasting relationships with them.”