Congratulations Grad, you did it! Graduation is both the end of a chapter and a new beginning. If you’re unsure of what comes next, your summer melt counselor can help!

During the summer, each high school campus will have a “summer melt” counselor available to guide recent graduates into higher education, the workforce or both. Your campus summer melt counselor can help with applications to colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships, or employment.

Graduates are encouraged to email their summer melt counselor for an appointment:

Cedar Ridge High School
email Larrie Bell

McNeil High School
email Stephanie Kidwell

Round Rock High School
email Bobbi Sanchez

Stony Point High School
email Ingrid Johnson

Westwood High School
email Jeff Pugh

Success and Early College High School graduates may contact the counselor at the high school they are zoned for based on home address.

About “Summer Melt”:
Summer melt is a term used by college admissions officers to explain to students who apply to college and get accepted but never actually show up in the fall. After students receive acceptance letters and decide to attend a particular college, they must complete a number of tasks to successfully start college.

Many of these tasks may be challenging for students who no longer have access to their high school counselor and whose families may lack experience with the college-going process. These tasks may include:

  • Determining cost of attendance
  • Making sense of financial aid award letters
  • Understanding tuition bills and required deposits
  • Identifying and budgeting for expenses (i.e. health insurance, textbooks, meals)
  • Registering for and attending orientation
  • Receiving required immunizations
  • Taking placement tests
  • Completing housing forms
  • Registering for classes
  • Arranging transportation
  • Accessing and navigating online portals