Advanced mathematics builds problem-solving and critical thinking skills important for success in college and career. In fact, students who completed a college level math class (Advanced Placement, dual credit, or International Baccalaureate) in high school have a 60% likelihood of getting a college credential.


“A student who takes two mathematics courses beyond Algebra II is three times as likely to go onto higher education and get a higher education credential within six years,” explains Susan Dawson, President & Executive Director, E3 Alliance.


Round Rock ISD middle school students have the opportunity to receive state high school credit after satisfactorily completing Algebra I and/or Geometry, resulting in the opportunity to continue with higher-level mathematics courses in grades 9-12. Students are expected to take four additional years of high school math while in high school.


According to Natalie Nichols, Area Superintendent of the Stony Point Learning Community, one of the biggest equity issues within education is whether or not a student has access to advanced math.


Additional help is available for students who need extra assistance. “We have tutoring before and after school. We have interventionists inside our classrooms to help your student be successful. We have built in supports here at campus to ensure that students can be successful,” says Patricia Ephlin, Principal of Hernandez Middle School.


Middle school students interested in taking Algebra I or Geometry are encouraged to contact their teacher or school counselor for more information.

This inspiring and informative video, by E3 Alliance, documents Hernandez Middle School students Adriana, Jasmine, and Jania Jackson’s pursuit of future success by advancing their mathematical skills.

Learn more about E3 Alliance.  Video courtesy of E3 Alliance.

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