For encouraging his students to be the best versions of themselves they can be, Quentin Branch, Round Rock ISD bus driver, was named the January 2020 RRock Star by Superintendent Steve Flores, Ph.D.

From the time students walk into his bus each morning and afternoon, Quentin Branch believes that time is an opportunity to change their lives for the better. He takes it upon himself to encourage students to grow as individuals and have a positive effect on the world around them. He takes responsibility to serve as a good influence in life, often leading by example.

“Quentin Branch embodies leadership at all levels of our school District,” Flores said. “From the time his students step on his bus, they are his students, his responsibility, and he does all that he can to help motivate them to succeed in the classroom and as people.”

To help motivate them, he makes deals with students based on grades and behavior and always makes sure to fulfill them and reward his students when they go above and beyond. This often includes attending student’s evening events if they can maintain their grades and good behavior. Going the extra mile, he will also take it upon himself to stop by the campuses he serves to tutor students struggling with Spanish. He has also been known to volunteer to walk the halls and monitor the cafeteria during his free time.

Just as much as he cares for his students, his students care for him. He often receives tokens of appreciation from his students and proudly displays them on his bus each day.

The leadership he displays each day was recently highlighted in the Round Rock ISD “I Lead” video series, which highlights individuals at all levels that embody the District’s Leadership Values.

RRock Star is a distinction awarded by the Superintendent to a member of the Round Rock ISD team who impacts students across the District.