For the daily impact he has on the lives of students and staff at Westwood High School, Eddy Moreno, Westwood Lead Custodian, was named the October 2019 RRock Star by Superintendent Steve Flores, Ph.D.

Serving the students and campuses at Round Rock ISD for over a  decade, if there is anything he is known for it is for being equally hardworking and dedicated to keeping learning environments ready for students each day and caring for the people on his campus. On any day, you find him talking with students on their lunch break and asking how their classes are going or checking in on campus volunteers and staff to make sure they have everything they need.

“Eddy can always be seen with a smile on his face, ready to lend a helping hand to the students, staff and community at Westwood High School,” said Dr. Flores. “He truly cares for his community, and that care can be seen at almost every Westwood athletic event. He’s there showing his pride for the students and cheering for them regardless if they win or lose. He is a true advocate for the students of our District.”

Just as much as he cheers on the students and staff, they cheer him on as well. When he walks down the call his name can be heard called enthusiastically by students who are ready and eager to give him a high five. Last year, one of those students was so moved by Moreno’s constant support that he mentioned him during his Class of 2019 Commencement speech. He spoke of great admiration and gratitude for all that he had given him throughout his four years of high school.

In anticipation of his being named October’s RRock Star, student leadership at Westwood High School coordinated and created a video of appreciation for all of his efforts. The video captures thank yous from many of the student groups he has impacted.

RRock Star is a distinction awarded by the Superintendent to a member of the Round Rock ISD team who impacts students across the District.