UPDATE: The second round of graduation ticket requests has opened for families and is available from March 4 -8.

Round Rock High School

McNeil High School

Stony Point High School

Westwood High School

Cedar Ridge High School


For families needing more than the six allotted graduation tickets for the May 2019 ceremonies, an online request for additional graduation tickets may be requested.

The form will be available to complete from Feb. 11 to Feb. 22. The submission of the form does not guarantee additional tickets.

If all ticket requests are able to be filled by the deadline of Feb. 22,  families will be notified. If the campus has a shortfall, all requests will be subject to a random selection process. All families will be notified by March 1 if their request for extra tickets is approved or denied. If tickets are still available after working through this process, campuses will communicate how they will be distributed to graduates still needing more.

Children under three will be admitted without a ticket but will have to be seated on a lap.


Cedar Ridge HS Additional Ticket Request Form

McNeil HS Additional Ticket Request Form

Round Rock  HS Additional Ticket Request Form

Stony Point HS Additional Ticket Request Form

Westwood HS Additional Ticket Request Form


For any questions or concerns regarding graduation tickets, please contact your campus graduation coordinator:

Cedar Ridge HS: Heath Walz, 512-704-0113

McNeil HS: Steve Schumann, 512-464-6312

Stony Point HS: Carita Forte, 512-428-7273

Round Rock HS: Will Jaramillo, 512-464-6036

Westwood HS: Chantel Morrison, 512-464-4107

Success HS: Thomasine Stewart, 512-704-1300


Tickets will not be required for the ceremony at the Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Arts Center

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