If you look in the back of any teacher’s car in August, you are likely to find supplies for the classroom. Teachers’ brains are in overdrive as they think of all the ways to make their space more engaging and organized for students. Caldwell Heights Elementary teacher, Whitney Williamson, is no exception.

Williamson and her family relocated to the Round Rock area from Houston just three months before school started. In addition to moving into a new home, she was also busy stocking up on supplies for her new classroom. One summer evening, she had a car full of items such as stools for flexible seating, borders, markers and backpacks for those students who might not have all they need for the beginning of the year.

After dinner out, just days before school was to start, Williamson’s car was broken into, and all of her supplies stolen. The police called it a “smash and grab” because her back window shattered and everything in her car was taken. Williamson was devastated. Not only did she lose her supplies, but she also wouldn’t be able to get her back window fixed for weeks.

Ben Klein, General Manager of Southwest Kia, heard the story and, in partnership with Round Rock Kia, reached out and offered help.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Williamson said. “I don’t even drive a Kia, and they came and fixed my back window at no charge and replaced every single stolen item. They even gave extra backpacks full of supplies for those students who might need them.”

Why help someone you don’t even know?

“Bad things happen to good people, and I want to make it right for those I can,” Klein said. “It doesn’t matter if you drive a Kia or not. We want to give back to the community because it’s the right thing to do.”

Round Rock ISD appreciates Southwest Kia and Round Rock Kia for taking care of one of our own. As for Williamson, she said her next car will definitely be a Kia.