Roughly 1,000 German and Latin students from middle and high schools throughout Texas competed at the state German and Latin contest this year with Canyon Vista Middle School, Grisham and Westwood High School students taking some of the top spots in the competition.

Westwood students also competed at the 2018 National French Creative Writing Contest which resulted in success.

Students had the opportunity to compete in a wide range of interests, including competitions in music, academic knowledge, mythology, extemporaneous and conversational speaking, skits and declamation.

Individual winners from Canyon Vista from the German state contest :

  • Vikranth Raghavan, second place in directed dialog and second place in grammar,
  • Pablo Vidrio, third place in grammar,
  • Bella Friedrich, first place in spelling, first place in prose reading and third in vocabulary and,
  • Anoushka Narayan, second in prose reading.

Individual winners from Grisham from the German state contest :

  • Militzy Gremillion-Llanos , second place in doll costume design,
  • Samantha Newlin, third place in contemporary music,
  • Nikhil Reddy, second place in listening comprehension and,
  • Naomi Sheppard, first place in reading comprehension and third place in listening comprehension.
  • Names and places of individual winners from Westwood for the Latin state contest:
  • Anna Hagen, second place, Advanced Reading Comprehension Poetry,
  • Sunny Bettadpur, eighth place, Advanced Reading Comprehension Prose,
  • Aaron Griesdorf, second place, Mottoes, Abbreviations and Phrases,
  • Aaron Griesdorf, fourth place, Classical Mythology​,
  • Kai Brown, fifth place, Latin Vocabulary,
  • Kai Brown, seventh place, Classical Mythology,
  • Alexis Chang, fifth place, Illustrated Quotes and,
  • Lucas Gretta, 10th place, Latin Derivatives.

Academic Pentathlon winners from Westwood for the Latin state contest:

  • Kai Brown, Lucas Gretta, Aneesh Thallapureddy, first place (summa cum laude), Academic Pentathlon,
  • Lionel Page, second place (maxima cum laude), Academic Pentathlon,
  • Sunny Bettadpur and Alexis Chang, third place (magna cum laude), Academic Pentathlon and
  • Annabelle Hicks, Olivia Bowen, Marco Vinhais, Anna Hagen, fourth place ( cum laude), Academic Pentathlon.

Westwood from 2018 National French Creative Writing Contest:

  • Sandra Cong, first place, creative writing.