Round Rock ISD community and family,

As leaves fall, temperatures drop, and excitement builds among students and staff in anticipation of the holiday season, we mark the end of another successful Fall at Round Rock ISD. Full of many achievements, opportunities, and celebrations, we’ve been able to come together as one family to make this one of our most successful years to date, while also growing from the challenges presented to us along the way.

What makes our District and times like these special are the people. Our teachers, students, parents, guardians and community members who work together each day to move our students along their educational journey and set the foundation for success for generations of students to come. I’m honored to serve our entire community and work with every member of our District family to provide our more than 49,000 students with a world-class education and endless opportunities.

With the first half of the academic year at a close and the spring just around the corner, it’s important that we take time to rest and be with our family members and loved ones this holiday season. For many of us, these individuals help us recharge and renew our sense of self, while also providing a clearer picture of your why in life. My hope is that you will use this time to realize your why—explore your purpose, that spark that inspires you and ignites your passion for  mission-driven work—and how can you bring that back to our students and community.

Some of my fondest memories revolve around the holidays. From sharing a meal with my family to opening what was often in our household a single gift, each moment was treasured and offered a true representation of what the holidays are about: each other. It’s a sentiment that I’ve carried on throughout my entire life and continue to do so as we prepare to celebrate Christmas with my children, who are now creating holiday memories as adults. My holiday wish this year is for each of us to spend time with those who will make those memories more special and to take the opportunity to absorb every detail of these moments.

I want to take a moment to thank all members of our Round Rock ISD team, including those who will be working throughout the winter break to ensure our schools and facilities are ready to welcome students. Our maintenance workers are essential to the success of our District, so please take the time to thank them personally for all the hard work that will be done in the coming weeks.

On behalf of myself, the Board of Trustees and our leadership team, please enjoy your break and have a safe, festive holiday season. Thank you for your ongoing support of our students, programs, campuses and District and Happy Holidays!


Steve Flores, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools