Hurricane Harvey is no longer the top news story, but Round Rock ISD PTA hasn’t forgotten about their fellow Texans and PTA members are working as hard as ever to help those impacted by the storm.

Recently, several campus PTAs banded together to support Katy ISD schools where students and staff are still struggling to rebound. The idea began at Herrington Elementary when, after an exceptionally successful fall fundraiser, PTA President Kristine George was compelled to share their financial good fortune.

“Herrington PTA was blessed beyond measure to have the best staff and parent support and we felt we should pay it forward,” George said. “The board voted and unanimously agreed to gift $1000 to help a school in need. We send our love and prayers to the families affected by Harvey.”

Once news spread regarding Herrington PTA’s act of kindness, additional Round Rock ISD PTA’s added to the contribution. Grisham and Ridgeview middle schools along with Teravista and Wells Branch Elementary schools were among the PTAs who donated.

More than 15,000 students and 2,500 employees in Katy are struggling with the impact of the hurricane. Some students lost not only their home but their school as well. Sixteen schools were affected, and two elementary schools relocated to temporary facilities. The financial burden on the district is estimated to be in the millions according to Katy ISD district spokesperson Maria DiPetta.

Herrington PTA allocated its donation to Bear Creek Elementary in the hinterlands of KISD. Over 700 Bear Creek students have relocated to Paetow High School. It will take more than a year to rebuild and get these students back into their classrooms.

Round Rock ISD PTA Council President, Dawn Watson, traveled to Katy to present checks totaling approximately $2,400 to the Katy ISD PTA during their regular board meeting. Katy Council President, Jeannie Griffith, was in tears during the presentation.

“Among our many blessings this year we are especially thankful for the Round Rock ISD Council of PTAs, Griffith said. “Thank you for your generosity and support. Your gifts to our local Katy ISD PTAs have made a huge impact and reinforced the strong connection between our districts.”

In addition to the PTA’s financial contribution, every one of the 54 schools in Round Rock ISD led an effort for Hurricane Harvey relief expanding the District’s motto of One Family to include those impacted by Harvey across the state.