A total of 48 Round Rock ISD student musicians, vocalists and dancers have achieved positions in the All-State band, orchestra, choir and dance team.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. More than 1,700 students are selected through a process that begins with more than 64,000 students around the state vying for the honor to perform in one of the 15 band, orchestra or choir ensembles, according to the Texas Music Educators Association.

All-State dance team members are selected to participate in the Texas Dance Educators Association (TDEA) annual convention, which includes professional choreography sessions.

“We are incredibly proud of the 48 students who have achieved All-State status in their fine arts fields,” Director of Fine Arts Lisa Roebuck said. “It takes hard work and dedicated practice to be named one of the best musicians, vocalists and dancers in Texas and each of these students greatly deserve this honor.”

The students and their respective positions in the All-State groups include:

All-State Band

  • Thomas Hoang, Clarinet, Cedar Ridge,
  • Caroline Keefer, Flute, Cedar Ridge,
  • Amy Gravell, Clarinet, McNeil,
  • Wheaton Wills, Bass Trombone, McNeil,
  • Kaylee Pascarella, Flute, Round Rock,
  • Sriaman Iyengar, Clarinet, Round Rock,
  • Harrison Williamson, Alto Saxophone, Round Rock,
  • Wesley Given, Trumpet, Round Rock,
  • Kyle Bell, Horn, Round Rock,
  • Cassidy Bennett, Horn, Round Rock,
  • Zach Shoepe, Trombone, Round Rock,
  • Alex Deller, Bass Trombone, Round Rock,
  • Joshua Lobenthal, Clarinet, Stony Point,
  • Erin Lim, Flute, Westwood,
  • Rachel Horvit, Clarinet, Westwood,
  • Chase Scelsi, Alto Saxophone, Westwood,
  • Alex Chao, Percussion, Westwood and
  • Brian Chiu, Percussion, Westwood.

All-State Orchestra

  • Yoori Yoon, Violin, McNeil,
  • Laura Lee, Violin, McNeil,
  • Jacqueline Kim, Violin, McNeil,
  • Eunbin Cho, Violin, McNeil,
  • Christopher Tan, Violin, Round Rock,
  • Rachel Lee, Violin, Round Rock,
  • Margaret Seo, Violin, Westwood,
  • Albert Chen, Violin, Westwood,
  • GaEun Kim, Violin, Westwood,
  • Ian Chiu, Violin, Westwood,
  • Naveen Rajan, Violin, Westwood,
  • Eugene Lee, Violin, Westwood,
  • Anna Wicker, Violin, Westwood,
  • Jocelyn Kim, Violin, Westwood,
  • David Kim, Viola, Westwood,
  • Macklyn Huntchison, Viola, Westwood,
  • Faith Song, Cello, Westwood,
  • David Xu, Cello, Westwood,
  • Raymond Park, Cello, Westwood and
  • Lillian Young, Bass, Westwood.

All-State Choir

  • Sophie Niles, Alto One, McNeil,
  • Christy Veneis, Soprano Two, Westwood,
  • Jack Mischnick, Bass One, Westwood,
  • Martha Beaty, Alto Two, Westwood,
  • Kyra Komfeld, Alto One, Westwood and
  • Akshay Aggarwal, Bass Two, Westwood.

All-State Dance Team

  • Marissa Phillips, Cedar Ridge,
  • Emilia Vieira, McNeil,
  • Raquel Sorensen, Round Rock,
  • Andrea Varela, Stony Point and
  • Tori Loper, Westwood.