A group of 34 students, Kindergarten through fifth-grade at Wells Branch Elementary Arts Integration Academy are studying to play the violin using the Suzuki Method and Philosophy.

Beginning with a box violin, students learned and practiced how to hold their instrument and bow, techniques for fingering, bow movement and instrument care.

“This is such an exciting moment for the students, they all recently graduated to their real violins,” said Lindsay Crofts, Wells Branch Suzuki Strings Instructor. “After learning and practicing with box violins, using the real thing seems easy.”

Students, along with their parents/guardian/mentor, have a small group lesson once a week during the school day. When students practice at home each day after school, the adult serves as the student’s home teacher. Students also attend an after-school large group class once per week.

“The strings program is another example of how arts integration at Wells Branch is helping students uncover and develop new talents through the arts.” Wells Branch Principal Belinda Cini said. “The arts instill creativity, a love of learning and motivation to go to school.”

The Suzuki method is a philosophy of teaching created by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki believed that all children have the talent to learn if taught by loving and encouraging teachers and parents.